Building Bridges
Greenwood, IN
Toddlers 1 year-2 years
A whole new world opens to children when they take to their feet. Our teachers provide a high level of interaction while individually nurturing each child. Our program provides a balanced attention to nurturing, playtime and learning.  Your child will develop confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning. Regular communication between our teachers and families will keep you informed about your child's day.​
Preschool 2 year-4 year
The Preschool Program emphasizes learning experiences that follow a logical and developmentally appropriate sequence. Daily whole group activities will assist your child in the development of social interaction skills. Thematic units will spark your child's curiosity, self-direction and confidence. Learning through a play based environment promotes the development of your child's self-esteem. 
Infant Class 6 weeks-12 months
Infants need a safe, secure "home away from home" where they can be nurtured and loved to stimulate their growth and development. We are committed to creating a strong bond with your child to ensure his or her best start in life. Our teachers will sing, read and talk with your child throughout the day. Your infant will have ample space to move, play and explore with confidence, guidance and encouragement from his or her teacher.
Pre-K 4 years-5 years
We takes prid in preparing the children for that next step of Kindergarten. Each day will be filled with hands-on experiences to heighten cognition and problem solving skills . Your child will develop strong vocabulary skills through letter, sound, and sight-word introduction and acquisition. Each child will be assessed regularly through the I-Star Kindergarten Readiness program. This assessment as produced by the Indiana State Department of Education aligns Pre-K programs with the common core standards for Kindergarten readiness. Understanding the goals for kindergarten readiness is of the utmost importance. Our teachers will allow each child to reach their full potential through those very important group activities as well as personal attention.
Building Bridges, ELC 2018