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Building Bridges Early Learning Center takes pride in preparing the children for that next step of Kindergarten. We work closely with each child to promote school readiness. Each day will be filled with hands-on experiences to heighten cognition and problem solving skills and to further independent, creative learning. Your child will develop strong vocabulary skills through letter, sound, and sight-word introduction and acquistion. Each child will be assessed regularly through the I-Star Kindergarten Readiness program. This assessment as produced by the Indiana State Department of Education aligns Pre-K programs with the common core standards for Kindergarten readiness. Understanding the goals for kindergarten readiness is of the utmost importance. Our teachers will allow each child to reach their full potential through those very important group activities as well as personal attention.
Language, literacy and communication skills are embedded into all of each child's daily exeriences. Our pre-kindergarten teachers create meaningful classroom experiences to help children use and build their growing vocabulary while developing the ability to communicate in increasingly complex ways, such as:
  • Identifying alphabet letters and sounds
  • Initiating extended conversations
  • Retelling simple events in sequence
  • Reading children's books
  • Exploring print materials
  • Daily writing
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Pre-kindergarten students are enthusiastic mathematicians, engaging in math regularly as they build block towers, make patterns, complete puzzles or measure. Our pre-kindergarten teachers ensure children don't simply learn numbers by routine but instead build mathematical understnading to solve real, everyday problems by:
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Using segments of time
  • Following directions
  • Estimating numbers of objects
  • Solving simple number problems
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As their cognitive and physical abilities develop, pre-kindergarteners are increasingly able to advance scientific reasoning, to develop and test their own theories, and to engage in long-term experiments. At Building Bridges Early Learning Center, our pre-kindergarten programs and curriculum build on children's prior knowledge to broaden their understanding of scientific disciplines, from physics to chemistry to earth science by:
  • Participating in cooking projects
  • Testing the concept of gravity
  • Participating in multi-skill experiments
  • Disassembling objects
  • Working with teachers to research questions
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Pre-kindergarten is an ideal time to introduce children to increasingly intricate artistic experiences that enhance development in areas such as math, vocabulary, and problem-solving. Our pre-kindergarten teachers extend children's skills and knowledge through open-ended, meaningful, and process-oriented art experiences, such as:
  • Sculpting with clay
  • Writing and illustrating book
  • Playing musical games
  • Acting out stories
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Our World
Preschoolers are actively developing their sense of self and who they are in the world. Building Bridges Early Learning Center creates respectful and diverse learning environments, helping children understand the world they inhabit. Teachers also present unique experiences for children, enhancing a preschooler's sense of responsibility and compassion for people such as:
  • Sharing cultural and family traditions
  • Working with peers
  • Experiencing comforting words
  • Exploring photos 
  • Playing collaboratively 
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