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School Age Activities

School's Out Camp

Our Spring, Summer and Winter Camps give your child a fun way to spend breaks and holidays. They also give you the peace of mind knowing your child will be motivated by our engaging and stimulating learning activities in a safe environment.
Our rich core curriculum allows us to captivate young imaginations every day. Success that helps foster a lifetime love of learning.
Low child-to-teacher ratios allow your child to consistently interact with a qualified teacher who is able to build on every opportunity for success. By focusing on fun as well as academics, children enjoy learning and are eager for the next activity.

Before And After School Care

In keeping with our theme of "building a bridge from home to a land of imagination and learning", we make sure our school-age children benefit from our facility as much as our younger children. The children have daily opportunities for physical fitness activities to keep them active and healthy.
During the school year, the school-agers have the opportunity to work on their homework. We provide guidance for your child while allowing him or her to complete their assignments. Please note that we do not replace your role in the homework process, instead we support it. Extra tutoring is available for your child if there is a need.
Currently we are providing transportation to and from school for our school-agers. Serving the Greenwood, Perry Township and Whiteland areas.